Storytelling Workshops

Regi worked for a decade through the Lincoln Center Aesthetic Education Institutes, the Leonard Bernstein Institute and the Wolf Trap Center for the Performing Arts as an artist in residence throughout New York State. A certified elementary teacher, Regi is well trained to link curriculum and aesthetic principles in these tailor made workshops. Workshops are available for students, faculty and administration in storytelling, writing and storytelling, creative dramatics and the literary process, and the story drama across the curriculum.

Dear Regi,
The energy generated by your performance had no small effect upon the principal, the teachers and the students.  The administration was thinking of cutting the 6th grade art program .  I believe as a result of your coming to our school and the obvious excitement and effect your storytelling had on the student body that they are now more willing to put art back into the curriculum.  I attribute you performance as having been the catalyst for this positive development.  They say storytelling has transformative powers.  It’s nice to see it first hand. Marie LoPinto, Dryden Middle School Art Department, Dryden, NY


Mrs. Carter was Great!

This motivational and heartwarming keynote is full of the foibles, disasters and success stories of teachers and teaching. This workshop has been presented for Head Start, Cornell University , the Reading Association of New York State , and Day Care Councils and Teachers Associations throughout the country.

Workshops for Students

Say It Loud

K – 5th grade

This new storytelling workshop focuses on beginning storytelling technique and style. It incorporates movement, descriptive language, reading, writing and original story creation to help students, parents, and others tell a story. In this deceptively simple act we promote real community and unity through story.

Tiny Tales or It’s in the Bag!

Pre-K – 2nd grade

This multicultural workshop focuses on storytelling with objects from around the world for the very young (ages 3-6). Small children love miniature things. The story bag holds small objects that are used to tell and retell stories from books and the oral tradition. The story bag is an easy traveling literacy center that can be utilized by the teacher and children inside and out.

Songs that Tell, Stories that Sing!

2nd – 5th grade

Tell a story in rap or opera or verse or as a blues tale. It’s easy and fun as we transform a story into a song and add accompaniment with everything from a pot to a box to a banjo. Especially good for students who would otherwise be too shy to tell a tale, this workshop seamlessly integrates stories with songs and song as story.

This workshop meets these NYS Learning Standards:
ELA 1,2,3,4
The Arts 1,2,3,4

Workshops for Adults

Speaking the Self

Speaking your personal story is a powerful tool of transformation. As you tell the story of your life’s journey, previously undiscovered patterns and themes surface and reveal themselves. When you listen to the stories of others, you connect with their lives’ and their stories serve as mirrors that connect and define you to your self. In this day long workshop, we create a story map to identify personal stories, engage in simple movement and breathing exercises, write, listen and reflect. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a notebook.

Moments, Memories and Memoirs

When does a memory become a story? What is the difference between a story and a conversation? When we apply storytelling craft to the moments of our lives, we give our lives personal and universal meaning. This workshop focuses on crafting a personal tale into memoirs that express our lives, our ancestors and the common themes of existence.

The Mythic Journey

This workshop uses the framework of myth to identify, celebrate and question which myths are propelling our lives, choices and identities. Using archetypal characters we look within to discover the myth we are living. Excellent for writers, students and folks trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

Telling the Family Tree

Stories shared from our own experiences strengthen our understanding of identity, culture and unique family life. This workshop focuses on evoking, shaping and sharing stories from our lives and the lives of our family members. We will explore our stories in both oral and written form.