Professional Storyteller Regi Carpenter Welcomes You!

Hatch-D110920-207You don’t have to be a St. Lawrence “river rat” to be mesmerized by Regi Carpenter’s work. It transcends time and space to embody the essence of storytelling, connection: with each other, with our histories, and with our own humanity—deceptively imbedded in flat-out, full-tilt entertainment. She is among the very best of a talent-studded field.  Caren Niele, Producer, Adventura Arts and Cultural Center, Adventura, Florida

“Inventive, insightful, emotionally nuanced in the midst of lovely singing and deadpan humor, yes, these are characteristics of Regina’s storytelling but more than that, there is a great big hearted embrace of the world that makes her a pleasure to work with and an inspiration to hear.” Loren Niemi, Executive Director, Heart of the Beast Theater, Minneapolis, Minnesota


Since 1993, Regi has been motivating and inspiring audiences with a diverse repertoire of world stories, folktales, myths, music and personal stories of her hometown Clayton, NY on the St. Lawrence River in Northern New York. In each story and with each telling, Regi mixes mirth, music and everyday events into myths and muses about life, death and nothing in particular.

Bendable Barbie – a story in pieces”

Watch the Bendable Barbie Intro

Equally adept at storytelling and musical performances for children and adults, Regi has won the Parents’ Choice Gold award and the Storytelling World award.

The winner of numerous awards for performing, recording, teaching and writing Regi’s wit, compassion, and craft are reflected in her workshops, keynotes, adult and children’s programs.

Listen to the story “Thank You Mrs. Minnick! from Bendable Barbie

Bendable Barbie
Bendable Barbie